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Badoo.com – Porn Tube Review

  • Fun branding
  • Unique celebrity content
  • World-renowned actresses
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • A white background isn’t nice to look at during the night
  • Inability to chat as a guest
  • Slow-release schedule
  • Hard to cancel membership
  • No search function

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Who should use Badoo

Badoo is a hookup dating site, which has been around for over 10 years. This makes it one of the oldest dating sites in existence and has seen it rise to much incredible successful. As the site has grown over the last decade, it has remains popular as a platform due to its accessibility, wide range of services and matching system. New users in particular should enjoy the site as it allows for a relatively easy process to complete in order to get started and find a potential match. Badoo also has a lot to offer experienced users as they are able to utilize the additional features and activities that come as part of the paid membership.

Badoo caters for users of all ages and tastes due to its varied and comprehensive options. The website is a great platform for those looking for something casual such as a one night stand or a casual fling, but it also gives users the chance to find someone more committed.

How To Sign Up & Login for Badoo

Signing up and logging in for Badoo is a relatively easy and straightforward process that most users should be able to complete within a matter of minutes. Upon arrival to the website, users only need to select the Sign Up option to start filling out information such as name, age, gender, and email. Depending on preference, users can also use their social media accounts such as Facebook for a more convenient process. After finishing and submitting the form, users will then be asked to verify their email address. After taking this step, users will be able to access the website and search for relevant matches and activities.

Logging in for Badoo is also a somewhat simple task as users can make use of the Quick Login option to do so through their Facebook or Google account. Users can also, however, choose to enter their username and password via the standard login option.

The Major Benefits of Badoo

Badoo contains a lot of additional features accessible to users, some included as part of the standard subscription and others that require a paid membership. A great benefit of the website is the special search options allowing users to accurately search for potential matches in accordance with their own desires and expectations. Moreover, the feature of Verified Profiles is particularly useful as it provides an extra layer of comfort to the user base. This lets users be more confident when engaging with potential matches because they can differentiate between regular user and verified users.

One of the other main advantages of Badoo is the variety of activities that are available to the users of the website. Besides the classic messaging and writing to potential matches, users are able to participate in quizzes, post photos, questions, polls, and more. These particular activities are great for users to get to know each other better and find potential matches despite the differences in beliefs or background.

Badoo Evaluation of Design and Usability

Badoo is extremely user-friendly and easy-to-navigate around. Users are always able to find exactly what they are looking for due to the constantly organized layouts. The design of the webpage is very modern and incorporates the use of individual blocks to provide users with a wide variety of activities in a neat and organized way. Moreover, the site can be accessed from both computers and mobile devices without any issues as all the components are designed to work efficiently in both cases.

The website also contains relevant articles with in-depth information and quick search options to help users find people, places or activities more quickly. Additionally, Badoo features a great exploration feature allowing users to find potential matches within their vicinity. This is great for those seeking a more meaningful relationship or a possibly fruitful connection in their nearby area.


Badoo is definitely one of the most popular hookup sites online due to its longevity and wide range of services. It is great for both regular users and experienced users as it has a variety of features, from basic to more advanced ones. Moreover, its clear structure and user-friendly interfaces are sure to bring even more users to the site in the near future.