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watchmyexgf.net – Porn Tube Review

  • Awesome site design
  • Download links are safe
  • Simple and elegant site to download VLC
  • Hidden, Intrusive Ads
  • The player doesn't buffer the videos quickly enough
  • No dark mode
  • Could do better with tags – hard to search
  • Some babes have no galleries at all

Who should use watchmyexgf.net?

Watchmyexgf.net is an amateur porn videos site that caters to those who are looking for a heightened sense of intimacy and entertainment. The online platform is especially designed for those who love to watch real people and real performances— not the cookie-cutter porn videos that many adult content platforms offer. For viewers who crave the real emotion and connection that organic sex scenes provide, watchmyexgf.net is the perfect site.

What sets watchmyexgf.net apart from its competitors is a wide variety of videos from across different categories. From hardcore to solo play, naughty to cute and romantic, and even behind the scenes footage, the library of clips is comprehensive and diverse. The Adult Siteclerks team are constantly adding new amateur videos, so there’s sure to always be something new to watch.

What categories of videos are available on watchmyexgf.net?

The categories of videos on watchmyexgf.net are varied and dynamic. From the classic “hardcore” category, to the more playful and romantic “roleplaying” category, there is something for everyone. Some favorite categories include: POV, lesbian, taboo, amateur couples, squirting, interracial, fanservice, threesomes, couples and creampies, public sex, feet fetish, domination and submission, and much more.

No matter what your tastes may be, watchmyexgf.net has something that will appeal to you. Whether it’s solo play, naughty, cute, or romantic videos, there is something for everyone. With dozens of categories in their library, the team has an extensive range of videos available.

The Major Benefits of Amateur Porn Videos

For those who prefer more amateur websites because of the proximity, brightness and reality of the sex shown, watchmyexgf.net is a great choice. Amateur porn actually has some real benefits compared to traditional adult content. Amateur sex scenes often tend to be more intimate and more passionate. The couples on the platform are typically more adventurous and open-minded, which leads to unique and exciting sexual experiences.

Plus, viewers don’t have the same expectations for amateur performers. The videos are often more unpredictable, and viewers can spot the different positions, angles, and techniques that couples adopt to create unique and hot sex scenes. Additionally, most amateur actors are not trained professionals, so viewers can truly immerse themselves in each and every scene.

watchmyexgf.net Review: Evaluation of Design and Usability

watchmyexgf.net’s site design is both clean and modern. The videos are sorted into convenient categories, and the overall layout is easy to navigate. The videos themselves are quality and the sound is crystal clear. For those who prefer to watch videos on the go, the mobile version of the website has been optimized for convenient viewing.

Additionally, watchmyexgf.net has many user-friendly features. Users can easily create their own playlists, curate their own lists of favorite videos, and follow different couples or performers. This feature makes navigating the site even easier. The videos can also be downloaded, and users can even create their own scene using the custom video builder feature.


Overall, watchmyexgf.net is a great choice for those who prefer their porn to be more personal and intimate. With a wide variety of videos for all tastes, high-quality video and sound, and a user-friendly interface, it’s a great platform for those looking to explore the world of amateur porn. Whether you’re looking for solo play, naughty, cute, or romantic videos, watchmyexgf.net has something to offer.